Welcome to Kapitari, a beautiful ayahuasca healing center in the Amazon rainforest close to Iquitos, Peru. Kapitari is one of the oldest shamanic centers in Peru and has been welcoming guests from all over the world for well over 15 years.

You’re invited to attend our traditional Ayahuasca retreat for the days you have available for a profound healing and transformation. This retreat is a  great introduction for people who are new to working with the sacred Ayahuasca medicine. It’s for anyone who wishes to experience the profound benefits of working with Ayahuasca without it costing the earth. But more than that, it also benefits the Earth as over 50% of the cost of the retreat goes to help to protect the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.

Over your stay in Kapitari, the Ayahausca ceremonies are led by Don Lucho, a brilliant Amazonian shaman with over 40 years experience of working with the medicine.

As well as taking part in the Ayahuasca ceremonies you’ll be fully cleansed during your stay from a combination of plant medicines, mud baths, fruit baths, cleansing ceremony, while also eating a traditional Ayahuasca food diet.

  • Accomodation (a little hut, it can be double or single)

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dinner will be only available when you are not having ceremony)

  • Ayahuasca ceremonies (please, take in consideration that ayahuasca ceremonies are only available from Tuesday and wednesday. Thursday and Friday is set up in the morning,)

  • two cemoreny is set up at night and two in the morning.

  • A cleansing ceremony with piñon colorado, this is to clean you from all the toxins in our body and in an energetic level. (Only if you need it)

  • Floral bath before each ceremony to prepare your energy to recieve the medicine (grandmother ayahuasca)

  • Group circles, so you can share with the participants and the shaman, and the shaman gives his insight about your experience.

  • Personal consultation, this will take place the first day upon arrival.

  • Extract of natural medicinal plants to help you go through this process, this plants will help you to connect with your higherself, to aliviate your anxiety and stress, to level up your energy, to give you strength and if you have some illness or pains, just let us know so the shaman can give you the right medicine for you.

  • And to participate in the activities that are program during your stay