Carole T. - Ottawa, Canada

July / 2013

When Aya calls, Kapitari is where I go to marinate in pure love. It’s where Nature finds my shoes as abhorrent as I do, and quickly, creatively, reclaims them—turning them into a termite mound overnight, or conspiring with mud puddles to gobble them off my feet. There is no need of shoes at Kapitari. There is no need of anything. There are no “trappings”…simply wee thatched huts for sleeping in, nurturing mud/fruit baths, giggles with the locals, reinvigorating swims, parrot greetings, cosmic night skies, global kindred spirits, simple nutritious meals, and the breathing, stirring aliveness of Mother Jungle. It will move you. Don Lucho and his family are open, kind and loving healers. For those who come seeking answers, healing, or to do the hard-hard-gritty-hard soul work, Don Lucho will safely and beautifully move you through each healing and journeying ceremony. His relationship with our many plant allies and teachers is exquisite. As Retreat Coordinator, Andy Metcalfe readily provides all the information you need to navigate the travel, social, retreat and ceremonial journeying. He is pivotal to the Kapitari experience as a skilled facilitator, compassionate confidante, and veteran journeyer/guide. He’s also a damn fine poet.

Go. With Love. xo

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