R.C. - Brooklyn - USA

June 2013

When I finally decided to go to Peru to experience Ayahuasca, I was nervous on where. The most important thing to me was feeling safe. I was going to a country I've never visited before, with only enough spanish to get by in restaurant but not to negotiate something like an ayahuasca ceremony. Nobody I personally knew had ever tried something like this (none of my friends knew had ever heard of ayahuasca.) Ao I felt a bit on my own.

I'm am very glad my research online led me to Kapitari. They were exactly as advertised. The personal tambos (sleeping huts) were clean, the food was plentiful and the jungle was beautiful. I saw little monkeys swinging around my tambo and Blue Morpho butterflies over the lake.

The most valuable part of the experience was the people. Don Lucho held amazing ceremonies that were beautiful and the staff at Kapitari were excellent. Most importantly, the facilitators were extremely kind and generous people. They set the tone for the entire retreat. Not once did I feel taken advantage of. The entire group was in turn very supportive and loving. Even though we all came from completely different reasons, backgrounds, and we were different ages, we quickly became a family in a short time (sounds super cheese to me but it's true.) There was nothing but respect between everyone for the entire trip. I believe that had everything to do with how they ran the retreat. They gave me exactly what I was looking for and that was the feeling of being safe.

I couldn't recommend their program enough and I plan on coming back to Peru to thank them again in person.

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