Any visitor to the Kapitari center will be introduced to the local Cocama tribe and Don Lucho will explain and show the results of his permaculture project to all our guests.

In the early 80's Don Lucho became aware of the destruction of the Amazon. He had to develop an alternative method of cultivation and teach this to the local community. He wisely understood that he could not prevent  the local peasants from using destructive cultivation methods without giving them an alternative  method to successfully grow and harvest the plants they needed in an ecological way. Following his mission of preserving the gifts mother nature provides us, he started his own permaculture project, which has resulted in being a great success. One of the main components of his work is the production of his own fertilizer produced using only organic food waste.


Biols are organic foliar type fertilizers, the result of an anaerobic digestion process of organic remains of animals and vegetables (manure, harvest residues). They are rich in phytohormones, a component that improves seed germination, strengthens roots and plant flowering. Its action translates into significant increases in yields at low cost.


The production of biol is a relatively simple and economic process, since the manufacture of a biodigester (on a small scale) is easy and the inputs are organic waste that is considered waste. However, their production normally takes between two and three months .....Don Lucho has managed to speed up the process so that he can do it in 14 days only.


During the anaerobic digestion of organic food waste two parts are obtained: a solid and a liquid. The first is known as biosol and is obtained as a product of the discharge or cleaning of the biodigester where the biol is made. The liquid part is known as biol.

The solid remainder consists of non-degraded organic matter, which can be used to increase agricultural production. Don Lucho uses the Biomass for the germination of his seeds.
In studies carried out on bioles based on bovine manure, the presence of numerous microorganisms was observed such as: bacteria, yeasts, actinomycetes and bacillus, especially Bacillus subtilis. These microorganisms synthesize antibiotic substances, which prove to have great action and efficiency as fungistatic and bacteriostatic substances.

In the video below Don Lucho explains how he manages to grow premium quality  food using 100%  biological fertilizers.

Don Lucho has already been speaking at the University of Paris about the magnificient results he has obtained. He expects to be able to spread the word and share the knowledge with the rest of the world. If you want to help us to achieve this objective you can make a donation . All the funds raised will be used to  support  this amazing project and all the benefits will be directed to the members of the Cocama tribe.

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The Kapitari Center was founded in 1980 by the shaman Luis Culquiton, widely known as Don Lucho.

Don Lucho comes from a long line of natural healers, but he discovered the healing qualities of plants 

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